How to Make a Storage Unit More Homey


Self storage units are convenient places to store your things, but they can feel a bit stark and industrial. If you want your storage unit to feel more comfortable and home-like, there are a few steps you can follow. Take a look. Put some shelving inside Rather than just stacking everything on the floor, take the time to put some shelving in your storage unit. You can buy some basic plastic or even cheap wood shelves at a store like Ikea and set them up along the walls.

20 August 2020

Starting To Become A Hoarder? Why You Should Rent A Storage Unit


It's a lot easier to become a hoarder than you may think. You gradually start to accumulate more and more household goods without selling the old items or getting rid of them, and before you know it, you look around your residence and can barely find a pathway to walk from room to room. Something has to change because it's becoming difficult to find the things that you need. When you're tired of dealing with the clutter, see why it's time to rent a storage unit.

11 December 2019

Protect Your Cannabis: 5 Reasons To Use Oxygen-Free Storage Containers


If you purchase cannabis on a regular basis, you owe it to yourself to ensure proper storage. There was a time when most people kept their cannabis stored in ziplock baggies. However, there are now safer ways to store cannabis. Oxygen-free storage containers are among the most effective way to store your cannabis, especially when you want to protect your investment. Here are just five of the reasons why you need to store your cannabis in oxygen-free containers.

12 August 2019

4 Things To Know About Storing Batteries


Your batteries play an important role in keeping all of your different devices functioning correctly. When you move, you want to make sure that you are careful with your batteries. Batteries need to be stored correctly in order to last.  Take Them Out of Equipment First, when you are moving or putting your items into storage, you should never leave your batteries inside of the equipment. Although batteries are designed to last for a long time, there is always a chance that the batteries could leak or corrode if they are left in a device for too long.

6 February 2019

Need Extra Room For Your Photography Business? 3 Reasons To Rely On A Storage Unit


If you run a photography business that mainly does work in public settings, it's likely that you're using your home for the majority of the storage that you're doing. This can make it difficult to keep your home organized and free of clutter, especially when you find yourself busy with photography work. Instead of using your home as a storage solution, you can rely on using a self storage unit instead.

19 September 2018

How To Store Makeup And Hair Products In Storage Before Moving


If you are moving and staying in a small temporary space, you will find that a self-storage unit holds all of your non-essential belongings for the time being. When placing items such as boxes of paper, it is easy to stack everything. If you are storing items such as makeup, you will need to be a little bit more careful. If the items that you are storing are perfume, makeup, and hair products, you need to be careful to stack and store them appropriately.

21 May 2018

Has Your Home Flooded? Rent A Large Storage Unit Right Away


Whether your neighborhood was hit with a flash flood or a major rainstorm, you may have some flooding in your home. If you know that not everything was damaged beyond repair, you should take immediate action to care for the parts of your home that you can protect and preserve. This is also worth doing with all the possessions inside your home that are not fully drenched. To make this process easier, you should rent a storage unit immediately.

22 March 2018